In the fall of 1993, my son Tim, now Captain Tim Ellsworth, was working as a deck hand for one of Kaua�i�s sportfishing companies. He would come home at night and say that many people had complained to him about there not being a quality sport fishing boat here on Kauai. he stated, "Dad, if we would get a nice boat and start our own company, we could make a million dollars!"

Our search for a fishing boat began soon after. We were committed to be the best so our boat had to be superior to other fishing charters in Kauai. We were going to offer the ultimate in Kauai Fishing! In the summer of 1994 we found the boat we were looking for, a 1986 Bertram 38 foot Convertible III Sportfisher. Being a Bertram, it was more than superior to the island made Radon fishing charter boats used by many sportfishing companies on Kauai. It was heavier, more stable, and much more luxurious. We named her “Kai Bear”, shipped her to Kauai and outfitted her with the best rods, reels, and tackle money could buy.

Having the best equipment was great, but we knew we had to be more professional, and, catch fish more consistently than our competitors. This was our commitment:
In the summer of 1999 we added two new components to our operation, my other son Ben, now Captain Ben Ellsworth, and Kaua�i's largest, most luxurious true sportfishing boat, the Grander, a 42 foot Bertram Convertible Sportfisher. With a price for every budget, WE ARE TRULY KAUA�I�s NUMBER ONE SPORTFISHING COMPANY. As we say at Kai Bear, WE DO SPORTFISHING FOR THE DISCRIMINATING BIG GAME FISHERMAN! home fishimage
Best wishes and good fishing,
Kip Picture

K.W. "Kip" Ellsworth
CEO, Kai Bear Sportfishing
P.S. We're still working on that million!

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